Below are Our 2009 Cria...


Snowshill Beethoven. Date of birth:- 10-8-2009. (s.Black)

Sire:- Viracocha Prophecy of Anzac. (s.Black)

Dam:- Merungle Audrey of Anzac. (s.Black)



2009 Cria list


Snowshill Christabel. Date of birth:-11-7-2009. (s.White)

Sire:- ARU Cambridge Ice Cool Lad. (s.White)

Dam:- Cambridge Chocalate Button. (s.Mid Brown)



2009 Cria list


Snowshill Fabian. Date of birth:-7-7-2009. (s.Light Fawn)

Sire:- Trojan of Bozedown. (s.Light Fawn)

Dam:- Snowshill Ophelia. (s.Light Fawn)



2009 Cria list


Snowshill Barnaby. Date of birth:- 16-7-2009. (s. Light Fawn)

Sire:- Wellground Imber. (s.White)

Dam:- Fine Bella. (s.White)


2009 Cria list


Snowshill Fleur de Lis. Date of birth:-3-6-2009. (s.Light Fawn)

Sire:- EP Cambridge Samson. (s White)

Dam: Hemiccoyo Matilda of Cambridge. (Mid Fawn)



2009 Cria list

Little Dorrit

Snowshill Little Dorrit. Date of birth:- 9-8-2009. (s.White)

Sire:- Olympus of Bozedown. (s.White)

Dam:- Ashill Florence. (s.White)



2009 Cria list

Oberon (suri)

Snowshill Oberon. Date of birth:-9-8-2009.(s. Dark Brown)

Sire:- Snowshill Raphael.(s.Mid Brown)

Dam:- Bozedown Dividend.(s.Mid Fawn)



2009 Cria list

Michelangelo (suri)

Snowshill Michelangelo. Date of birth:- 4-8-2009. (s. Dark Fawn)

Sire:- Pinkney Nutkin. (s.Mid Fawn)

Dam:- Snowshill Letitia. (s.Light Fawn)


2009 Cria list


Snowshill Zhivago. Date of birth:-30-6-2009.

Sire:- Silverstream Czar of Anzac.(s.White)

Dam:- Silverstream Escudo of Anzac. (s.White)



2009 Cria list


Snowshill Pollyanna. Date of Birth:-10-8-2009.(s.Mid Fawn)

Sire:- Snowshill Peregrin (Pippin). (White)

Dam:- Purston Buttercup.(s. Mid Fawn)



2009 Cria list


Snowshill Seraphina. Date of birth:-2-7-2009. (s. Dark Fawn)

Sire:- Snowshill Peregrin (Pippin). (White)

Dam:- Glendon Belinda.(s.Light Brown)


2009 Cria list


Snowshill Amadeus. Date of birth:-19-9-2009.(s.Dark Brown)

Sire:- Viracocha Prophecy of Anzac.(s.Black)

Dam:- Snowshill Lara. (Mid Grey)


2009 Cria list


Snowshill Cordelius. Date of birth:-11-9-2009.(s. Black)

Sire:- Viracocha Prophecy of Anzac. (s.Black)

Dam:- Alham Valley Rosie.(Rose Grey)



2009 Cria list


Snowshill Oriel. Date of Birth:20-8-2009.(s.Light Brown)

Sire: Wellground Imber(s.White)

Dam: Snowshill Natasha (s.Mid Brown)



2009 Cria list


Snowshill Orlando. Date of Birth:31-8-2009.(s.Mid Brown)

Sire: Viracocha Prophecy of Anzac (s.Black)

Dam: Snowshill Perdita (s.Black)



2009 Cria list


Snowshill Spartacus. Date of Birth:14-10-2009. (s.White)

Sire: Alpaca Stud Warrior (s.Mid Fawn)

Dam: Alpaca Stud Tango (s.Dark Fawn)



2009 Cria list


Snowshill Verity. Date of Birth:4-9-2009. (s.Dark Fawn)

Sire: Wellground Imber (s.White)

Dam: Arcadian Livia (s.Dark Fawn)



2009 Cria list


Snowshill Sebastian. Date of Birth:25-8-2009. (s.White)

Sire: Snowshill Peregrin (White)

Dam: Snowshill Goldbery (s.L-Fawn)



2009 Cria list


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