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Alpacas are camelids. Similar to Llamas, but smaller, Alpacas are gentle and inquisitive by nature following thousands of years of domestication. They have a fine, dense fleece which occurs naturally in over 22 shades ranging from true black,through brown and fawns to purest white. Alpaca clothing and other alpaca products are made from this pure natural fibre. It has similar qualities to cashmere but, is a stronger fibre.


There are two types of Alpaca, the Huacaya and the Suri. The Huacaya is the more common of the two and the fleece has a denser, fluffier appearance. Suri Alpaca fibre is longer, flatter and silkier and, whilst more difficult to work with, makes very high quality fabric that hangs well and has a high lustre (many catwalk dresses include suri alpaca fibre but, sadly this is rarely the case with the final retail product, presumably due to cost).

Here are a few examples of products made from the fleece of our alpacas.







Shown above are examples of our Double Knit Yarn

The price of the yarn is £4.00 per 50g ball plus postage and packing. There are two shades of Fawn (they are almost identical but, come from different batch runs).

Examples of Alpaca fabrics (weight approx. 11oz)
The fabric is £80.00 per metre length
(the width is approx 1.5 metres).

Suit was tailored by:
Jenny Edwards-Moss of Stow-on-the Wold,

Dogs Tooth Alpaca fabric (weight approx. 17oz)

This fabric is £95.00 per metre length (the width is approx. 1.5 metres).

We will have some herringbone pattern fabric available from early 2010.

Examples of Fabric (approx. weight 11oz)
Fabric check
Fabric Stripe (black dominant)
Fabric stripe (cream dominant)
Fabric Stripe (fawn dominant)
Fabric Stripe (grey dominant)

Apart from clothing, this Alpaca fabric makes interesting natural coloured cushion covers. All of our yarn and fabric is made from the fleece of our own Alpaca herd and is 100% Natural un-dyed Alpaca wool. All of the processing, spinning and weaving has been done in the United Kingdom. A label, confirming that this is 100% pure UK Alpaca wool, is enclosed with each order.

Cleaning/washing advice: Knitted garments should be washed using mild soaps or detergents specifically formulated for woolens. Either hand wash without wringing or, machine wash on a delicate woolens setting with minimal spin (DO NOT TUMBLE DRY). Fabrics should only be dry cleaned (it is advisable to inform your dry-cleaner that it is alpaca).

We, also, have some herringbone design fabrics in light fawn/cream, brown/light fawn and grey/black in the 17 oz weight.

NB. VAT at the curent rate has to be added to the above prices.

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